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Before you buy an Infrared Sauna, make sure it isn’t constructed from Toxic Wood. If you have allergies, take a look at my Toxic Woods Chart below.


Because I have asthma, a lot of the saunas that were made from these toxic woods really bothered me.

My top 2 Infrared Sauna Picks for 2019 are:


#1 – Heavenly Heat

#2 – Therasauna


I’m a total advocate of Infrared Products for your health. Even if it’s just to relax. After a frustrating day, it’s so nice to lay in an infrared sauna, turn on the music & just let the frustrations melt away. What I like doing is listening to one of my meditation mp3’s.


To find an Infrared Sauna Sale, check below each review.


Table Of Contents For Best Infrared Saunas


1. Heavenly Heat Sauna Reviews (Plus a Video on, Infrared Sauna Therapy For Autism Recovery)

2. TheraSauna Reviews

3. Toxic Wood ChartInfrared Sauna Dangers

4. Dangers Of An Infrared SaunaWho Shouldn’t Use One

5. 25 Diseases An Infrared Sauna May Help

6. My Testimony On Infrared + Video

7. How To Use An Infrared Sauna



Far Infrared Sauna


Heavenly Heat Infrared Saunas are my #1 pick. This company is phenomenal. Each sauna is hand made & build in Arizona. They’ve been in business since 1988.


Along with the many benefits of a Sauna, the Heavenly Heat Saunas are great for people with extreme chemical sensitivities or existing chemical injuries.


Also, If your child or someone you know has a child with Autism, Infrared Sauna Therapy might be a good thing to try. There’s a really great video I’ll put at the end of this review. It’s called, “Infrared Sauna Therapy For Autism Recovery“.


The Heavenly Heat Sauna is:

Made from untreated Aspen Wood in the USA
The frame is screwed together
No nails or screws are used
Heat tempered glass windows
Window gaskets are made of custom-milled poplar (not synthetics)
Lights are plain metal and glass
Passive venting system for a constant air-change
Low Electic Magnetic Fields (EMF)
Carbon Filter
Wall connecting latches are stainless steel
Door latches are brass


I’m sure you’ve heard of people using an Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss. Maybe they were just lucky. All I”m saying is, I didn’t notice any weight loss in myself after using one for awhile. I’m not overweight, but a weight loss of 10 pounds would be nice.




For my Heavenly Heat Sauna Review, I’m looking for another company that sells the Heavenly Sauna for the same price or lower. I always like to list three. When I find another one, I’ll list it below. Promo Life is a good company. I’ve ordered things from them before.


Return Policy and Terms: Returns are accepted if the sauna is shipped back within 30 days of receipt. It must be returned with an Authorization Number & be in the same condition as when it was purchased. You have to pay to return it. I’d be totally shocked if you’d have to return a Heavenly Heat Sauna.


For an Infrared Sauna Sale, check both companies below. Sometimes, Ebay has some really good deals on them.


Click To Buy At PromolifeClick To Buy At Ebay icon










I picked Therasauna as my #2 choice for best Infrared Saunas. To find a Therasauna on sale, check below this review.


This infrared sauna is:


Made From Aspen Wood
Made from nontoxic materials
Has a patented MPS touch control that lets you program the unit for 7 days for temperature & range of microns (0-14)
Has Low EMF
Curved Back Rest
Is shipped in 5 cartons & takes approximately 35 minutes to set up
Has a weight of 537 pounds
Uses 120v outlet
Therasauna sells a corner unit or a 2 or 4 person unit


Having your own Personal Infrared Sauna is one of the best things you can do for your health. I would recommend getting at least a 2 person Infrared Sauna so you can stretch out a bit.




Don’t forget to check both websites. The prices are not always the same. Maybe today is your lucky day & they’ll be an infrared saunas sale on one of them.


Click To Get At AmazonBuy At Ebay







Like with a lot of things, different types of woods can cause allergic reactions for some people. The following is a list of woods that infrared saunas are usually made from.





RESOURCES: There are a couple of really good resources on allergies caused from wood.


1.From the Center of Disease Control & Prevention USA

2.From the US National Library of Medicine

Warning About Infrared Heating Pads


There are many benefits of a sauna but If you have any of the following Health Conditions, ASK YOUR DOCTOR first. Please don’t take a chance & try it anyways.


1. Hemophilia

2. MS

3. Parkinson

4. Systemic Lupus

5. Erythematosus

6. Pregnancy

7. Acute Joint Injuries

8. Silicone & Other Implants


When trying any type of product for your health, it’s always best to talk it over with your doctor first.





Health Benefits Infrared Sauna

I will never be able to recommend Infrared Therapy highly enough. Infrared Sauna Benefits are numerous. Not only do they help to heal your body, they accelerate your recovery time too.


You don’t have to wait until you develop some kind of health issue. If you start using Infrared Therapy now, you’ll be able to help prevent some of the following.


The following list is only a partial list, but it’ll give you an idea of what type of conditions Infrared is good for.




1. Ankylosing Spondylitis                  14. Osteoarthritis

2. Back Pain                                    15. Plantar Fasciitis

3. Bursitis                                       16. Rheumatoid Arthritis

4. Carpal Tunnel                              17. Repetitive Strain

5. Constipation                                18. Rotator Cuff

6. Fibromyalgia                                19. Sciatica

7. Golfer’s Elbow                              20. Sore Shoulder

8. Hemorrhoids                                21. Sprain

9. Hip Pain                                      22. Stress

10. Hypertension                             23. Tendonitis

11. Pneumonia                                24. Tennis Elbow

12. Hypertension                             25. Tension

13. Neck Pain


Health Tips Try This




Whether it’s an infrared heating pad or an infrared sauna, they both have the same benefits. If you have more than one health issue, you’d be better off with the sauna. You can send healing to all parts of your body in one sitting.


If you’re just interested in healing your knee or another part of your body, an infrared heating pad would be good enough. You can read my article on, Far Infrared Heating Pad Reviews


For those who are healthy and would like to keep their entire body in optimal health — your choice should be an infrared sauna.


My Personal Review Of An Infrared SaunaMY TESTIMONY ON INFRARED


I’ve used Infrared on a number of occasions & have had such awesome results. I used it when I tore my knee ligaments, sprained my back, leg cramps from poor circulation, neck problems & when I fractured my spine from Scoliosis.



Start by drinking 16-20 oz of water. Set you sauna between 110-130 degrees F. Give it about 15 minutes to heat up before you get in. You’ll receive more benefits when the temperature is lower. If you have never used a sauna before, spend about 5 minutes in it the first time. Each day you use the sauna, add another minute. Keep doing this until you hit 30 minutes.


It’s important to listen to your body. If you start to feel weak, tired or too hot, open the door or simply step out of the sauna. This can happen if you stay in the sauna for too long. When you get out, take a shower to wash off the toxins that are now on the outside of your skin. Once again, drink 8-16 oz of water.


When I’m sick, I find I get the best results if I use Infrared Therapy 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes a session. This is something you have to experiment with. My friend with arthritis uses it for 30-minute sessions when she gets a flare up. That works best for her. If you’re not using it for a specific reason, once a day is enough or even just a few times a week.




In this Video, Dr. Oz isn’t recommending the 2 saunas I have listed here. He’s just talking about the benefits of using an infrared Sauna.





Far infrared sauna reviews mayo clinic

Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center

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If you’ve used an Infrared Sauna, please leave a comment below. Let us know what you liked & didn’t like about it. If it has helped you, let us know how.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope my Heavenly Heat Sauna Reviews, & my Therasauna Infrared Sauna Reviews have been helpful so you can make a decision on what the Best Infrared Saunas are for you.

10 thoughts on “Best Infrared Saunas

  1. Hi JC,

    As far as the spruce trees go, there’s about 7 main types of Spruce. There’s the Blue, Black, Engelmann, Norway, Red, Sitka & White Spruce. All 7 types have no known allergies. If you were thinking about purchasing a sauna made from spruce, I’m sure it would be fine. I hope this helps.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Colleen.

    I really don’t like to recommend a sauna that isn’t made from wood. The only reason is, I’ve never used one. This site is only for the products I’ve used or someone I know really well has used.

    I did look into some of the reviews on the type you’re looking for. A couple of the complaints were, it didn’t heat evenly & the chair was uncomfortable. I’ll leave a link below to the Amazon Review site of Porable Sauna’s. Take a look at them before you purchase one.

    Amazon’s Portable Sauna Reviews

    If you do purchase one or wherever you purchase one from just make sure it has at lease a 30-day MONEY back guarantee.

    If you do purchase a portable sauna, please come back and leave a review of the brand you bought & what you liked & didn’t like about it.

  3. What do you think of the “portable sauna” ? I’ve seen a wrap around far infrared sauna for as low as $150. I’m thinking of less construction involved and it taking up less space too.

  4. As for your health insurance, you’d be best to give them a call. I have a different type of health care insurance & it doesn’t cover an infrared sauna. That doesn’t mean yours wouldn’t. As for information on, how a sauna provides the best benefits for different health issues, there’s a lot of good information on Dr. Mercola’s website. There’s also a video there that you can watch on the benefits. The link is, This is the site I usually go to for alternative health issues.

    Also, there’s a very good website on Cancer. I know this guy & he actually did have cancer & healed himself. It might be a cheaper way to go. His website link is,

    I’m not a medical doctor, so that’s about the only advice I can give you. I hope this helps.

  5. Does health insurance cover the cost of getting a sauna? I live in NJ and have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Been trying to get documented info on how a sauna provides the best benefits for different health issues. I have cancer and have occasional constipation. I’m on social security disability (SSD) and money is tight. What do you suggest? I need help’
    Sincerely, ~James Hicks~

  6. Thanks for your comment, Tina. I briefly looked at Heavenly Heat. Their saunas are also made from aspen wood which I like becuse aspen has no known negative health effects. Saunaray is made from Basswood. I don’t think Basswood has any health effects either. I will do some more research on both & then do a review. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  7. Thanks for posting this review. Just wondering if you looked at either Heavenly Heat or Saunaray also when comparing? I’m looking into buying one and both those seem good as well. They also have ceramic heathers and are made in US or Canada with a lifetime warranty.

  8. Many thanks for sharing this information so freely. You need to think about writing a book.

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