Our site, Infrared Everything, consists of detailed reviews on Far Infrared, Thermal Imaging, Night Vision & Survival Products.


We’ll be providing you with a detailed review of what we consider the top two products in each category for 2024.


Our product reviews consist of more than just how great the product is. We’ll be providing you with the Good Points along with the Bad ones.


How much time have you wasted reading over a bunch of reviews on something you wanted to purchase? How many times have you gone through the “purchase it” and “return it” phases? Have you bought any products that turned out to be of low quality? Worse yet, have you purchased something that broke down a day after the warranty was over?




For each Far Infrared, Thermal Imaging, Night Vision, or Survival Product,  I’ll be including as many of the following as possible:


Cost & Where To Get The Best Price
The Good & The Bad About the Product
What The Product Will Do & What It Won’t Do
Dimension & Weight
What Consumers Like & Don’t Like
Who Shouldn’t Use The Product (in the health category)
The Warranty & If There’s A Cost To Ship It Back


I can’t recommend infrared highly enough. Over the years, I’ve used several different infrared products & have had good results with them. I’m sure you’ll like them just as much.


6 Steps For Choosing The Best Product




If you’re the type of person who prefers to do their own research, read over my 6 review tips. These are the same ones I follow when I write my reviews.


1. Check the manufacturer’s website for the product you’re interested in. Don’t rely solely on the reviews from that website. I look at the reviews of three other websites that sell the same product. I also look at independent review sites.


2. Do check independent review sites. I usually check sites like, C-Net &


3. It doesn’t hurt to check the reviews from companies like Walmart and Costco.


4. Always read what people like & don’t like. What bothers one person, might be fine with you. The same goes for what people like. You might not like that particular item in the product you want to purchase. Why pay for things you won’t use?


5. Look at the measurements of the product you’re about to purchase. You need to have a space big enough to store it.


6. Don’t forget to check the weight. You don’t want something too heavy especially if you have to move it from time to time.  If it’s heavy, do you have a spot where it can stay permanently?


Updates For Infrared Everything Website




The entire site of Infrared Everything gets updated once a year. Our next product review will be sometime in January 2024. At that time, I will be giving you my new list of the top 2 survival, thermal imaging, night vision, and infrared products. From now to then, keep checking back as I will from time to time be reviewing new products.  If you don’t want to keep checking back, sign up for my newsletter.


Only the top-rated Far Infrared, Thermal, Night Vision, Or Survival Products will ever be listed on this site.


To see what I’ll be reviewing next, click COMING SOON. If you’d like Infrared Everything to do a review on a product that’s not listed here, please leave a comment below.


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Detailed Reviews At Infrared Everything


If you purchased one of the products that I reviewed, don’t forget to leave a comment below — good or bad. Not only will it help me, but it’ll also help others. Just let us know if it was an Infrared, Thermal Imaging, Night Vision, or Survival product you purchased, how long you’ve had it & what you thought of it.


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